Pierce Fulton has sadly passed away at the age of 28

The iconic American producer Pierce Fulton, who is most renowned for iconic tracks like ‘Kuaga‘ and his collaboration with Martin Garrix ‘Waiting For Tomorrow‘, has sadly passed away at the age of 28 after a long tough struggle with mental health issues.

His older brother Griff made extensive and emotive post on Pierce Fulton’s social media: “Hi everyone – this is Pierce’s older brother Griff. It breaks my heart to share with you that Pierce passed away on Thursday evening following a tragic struggle with his mental health.” Following this announcement, Griff described his brother, the goals and dreams he had, and how much he loved and cared about his fans. Right after this, he took the opportunity to send out a truly emotional and powerful awareness message to anyone going through difficulties and mental health struggles:

“This past year has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone. If you or anyone you know has been struggling, please take your intuition seriously, speak up about your feelings, and reach out for help. Each and every one of you matters and are loved more than you can ever know. I ask that all of you focus your energy towards the future, towards making a difference through love & compassion, towards staying in touch with the people close to you, towards learning & understanding more about what so many of us might be going through, often hidden deep beneath so many layers. Be kind to yourself, so that you may also be kind to others. Pause & listen. Observe your surroundings with open eyes and an open heart. Life is full of endless beauty, no matter how difficult things may feel – a brighter day is right around the corner.”

Griff closed the post by thanking everyone who has supported Pierce in any way during, not only his musical journey, but also in his life in general: “To everyone out there who listened to his songs, thank you. To everyone out there who bought tickets to his shows & danced with him, thank you. To everyone out there who was lucky enough to cross paths with him at any point in life & made him feel loved, thank you.”

Just like Avicii, Pierce Fulton has passed away at the young age of 28 due to mental health issues, and just like him, he was a musical genius. His ability to deliver infectious melodies and transmit strong feelings and emotions through music was something else. We will all miss him. Although he has left us too early, his music will live forever. Rest in Peace, Pierce Fulton.

Image Credit: Skyler Greene Photography (via Facebook)

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