Pioneer introduces DDJ-FLX4 2 channel controller for beginners

Pioneer has long been the gold standard for electronic music and especially mixing boards seen around the world at clubs and festival stages year in and year out.  Now, Pioneer is offering a new two channel mixer ideal for DJs just getting started in the craft that strips away some of the complexity of it’s high end models while still offering a powerful tool for performances.

With the launch of the new DDJ-FLX4, Pioneer has created a mix board that strips away many of the complexities of their high end boards, creating a sleek design and work flow that allows those new to the craft to get a feel for the art without the high cost and overwhelming feeling that professional boards can elicit in newbies.  Some of the key features of the new controller are the ability to connect to rekordbox or Serato Lite, as well the ability to connect a PC, Mac, tablet or phone for added versatility.  Once the music is started, the DDJ-FLX4 really begins to shine with its many new and intuitive features for ensuring versatile and perfect mixes.  Of course, the key to the art of being a DJ is the mix and blending of tracks together to keep the party going and dictate the energy of the crowd.  While this takes time to perfect, the DDJ-FLX4 helps new users by offering Smart Mixing features within its array of knobs and faders.  Utilizing these smart features, the mixer will automatically adjust volume, bass volume and even the BPM to ensure smooth transitions between tracks.  On top of that, a brand a new feature to the Pioneer brand is the Smart CFX knob, which offers a variety of effects with the simple turn of a knob to further enhance ones performance.  Beyond that, the mixer provides seamless integration from a variety of streaming services such as Tidal, Beatport and Soundcloud as well as connect a microphone to MC during or set or provide quick commentary during a live stream.  The DDJ-FLX4 is available now and goes for $299.00.


Image Credit: Pioneer DJ

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