PLS&TY releases “Very Special” EP vinyl on blockchain platform Foundation

PLS&TY is showing no signs of slowing down, bridging the gap between music and technology by releasing a limited quantity of his “Very Special” EP on vinyl.

What makes the the sale of this vinyl so special is that has become available on the Ethereum (cryptocurrency) blockchain platform Foundation. This means that the price of the vinyl will vary depending on the hype that surrounds the American’s work. Foundation pushes itself to serve as a stock exchange for art and culture and the market’s natural supply and demand dictates the price of the goods sold on the platform.

To get your hands on a copy, first you’ll need to purchase a $PECIAL digital token; the earlier you get one, the better the price. Then, when the vinyl is ready to ship, the tokens will be redeemable to receive the physical vinyl anywhere in the world. Alternatively, further down the line, token holders can continue to keep the digital value of the token or trade it in the Foundation market. PLS&TY seems to be the first musician to dive right into the innovative trading platform and get glimpse into the future of the industry. 

The original EP was released digitally in April and features four tracks, with stand-out collaborations from the likes of Sean Kingston and many more. If you fancy the special, neon-coloured vinyl edition of the “Very Special” EP, check out the PLS&TY Instagram post below for more info!

Image Credit: PLS&TY Press

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