Porter Robinson is due to release new track from ‘Nurture’ tomorrow

With Porter Robinson kicking off the ‘Nurture’ era once again with the releases of Anamanaguchi and DJ Not Porter Robinson remixes of ‘Get Your Wish’, the excitement levels for his second studio album are in full gear. Now, exciting fans even further, he’s just revealed that he’s dropping yet another new single tomorrow – meaning the album is getting closer and closer.

Porter took to social media just hours ago to unexpectedly drop news that he’s sharing a new single with the world tomorrow, not making us wait long for it. It follows ‘Get Your Wish’ and ‘Something Comforting’ in the series of singles from this new album era and it could possibly be the last before the album drops. Although we don’t yet know any other details about the track such as the name of it, fans are speculating that it could be Look At The Sky’ – which was played in his Secret Sky set – after an image he shared on social media of a mirror laid out on the grass reflecting towards the sky. It seems to be the most likely answer, although there’s another track with the word ‘Mirror’ in the title that is also a contender against ‘Look At The Sky’.

All will be revealed tomorrow, and we can’t wait to share the news when it drops! Stay tuned for a track review.

Image credit: Porter Robinson / ‘Get Your Wish’ YouTube video 

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