Porter Robinson reveals upcoming album ‘Nurture’ is completed

We’ve all been waiting in anticipation for the upcoming Porter Robinson album ‘Nurture’ ever since he dropped the first single ‘Get Your Wish’ in January. With two more singles dropped since then and no album date, we’ve all been wondering but now we finally have new information from the man himself.

Last night, (18 December), Porter Robinson took to Twitter to announce that he had just turned in the very final version a few minutes ago upon tweeting the news and here’s what he had to say about it:

“i turned in the absolute final version a few minutes ago. it’s my favorite music i’ve ever made. i’m so so fucking grateful for the extra time… the album (and me) have both benefitted so much”

Certainly extremely exciting, he mentions that the extra time he was given has benefitted him greatly and has allowed him to continue the album creation process, fine tuning it to his liking. Also mentioning that it is his favourite music that he’s ever made, this only makes us more curious and piques our interest. The album will not be out for a few more months yet, but he did tease the fact that we will receive one or two singles between now and then.

Being the gift that keeps on giving with his hard work, he’s also stated that he’s immediately getting to work on creating the live show for ‘Nurture’. As we know, Porter has created mindblowing live shows in the past with ‘Worlds Live’, the show that accompanied his first album, and ‘Shelter Tour’ which he created with Madeon.

Check out what he had to say below.

Image credit: press

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