Presenting ‘The Feelz’: an Electrifying Sin….

Hotboxx presents his latest Deep House production, ‘The Feelz’; produced in collaboration with the Producer and DJ Flynn Nolan, this new track is set for release via Sirup Music and comes as a smash new addition to Hotboxx’s already extensive release catalogue. With a groovy bassline and funky rhythmic elements, this new release will no doubt enliven any dancefloor, bringing the energy as it showcases Hotboxx’s powerful signature sound and innate talent when it comes to delivering infectious House anthems.  

There seems to be no stopping Hotboxx as he consistently strikes back with hard-hitting releases, making an impact as fans become captivated by his unique and original approach to music production. With an unwavering passion and relentless drive to carve out his own way within the genre, Hotboxx appears as an exciting talent on the scene, one on a trajectory to reach new heights as his reputation and popularity keep growing. As he continues to find new ways to express his ever-evolving creativity, whether as a Producer, live DJ or host of his radio show ‘All The Smoke’, Hotboxx will no doubt keep making his mark, reaching audiences far and wide as he continues to draw them in with his electrifying energy.  

Now with this release, Hotboxx teams up with Flynn Nolan, a Producer and DJ with over a decade of experience producing mesmerising House productions. With ‘The Feelz’, Hotboxx and Flynn Nolan merge their signature styles to create a track infectious in energy and party-starter in vibes. Featuring a bouncy bassline, playful synth hits, a shuffled beat and catchy vocal hooks, the track delivers a refreshing listening experience, one unlike any other. Intrinsically groovy in sonic character, ‘The Feelz’ is sure to impress both Hotboxx’s fans and all lovers of Electronic Music; a display of talent and skill, this new track no doubt raises the bar.  

As he keeps the quality high, Hotboxx continues to cement his place within the Electronic Music genre, reminding fans time and time again of his impressive creativity as he joins forces with other gifted Artists to elevate his sound to even higher heights of sonic excitement. So, make sure to follow Hotboxx across social media to stay up-to-date on his newest projects, releases, and live shows. ‘The Feelz’ is out now via Sirup Music and is available to stream and download across platforms. 


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