Purple Disco Machine Lands High-Profile Official Remix for The Rolling Stones: Listen

The legendary Rolling Stones have once again proven their timeless appeal with the release of Purple Disco Machine's remix of their track "Mess It Up." 

The single, a cut from the Stones' Hackney Diamonds album, is the band's first collaborative material in well over a decade. Notably, it features their late drummer Charlie Watts.

A contemporary blend of classic rock and electrifying dance music, Purple Disco Machine's spin sees the producer incorporating his signature shimmering synths into the fabric of "Mess It Up." Coupled with a funky pluck bassline, his contributions bring a fresh pulse to the track, tailoring it for the modern dancefloor.


This innovative remix not only celebrates the Rolling Stones' enduring legacy but also highlights their continued relevance in the contemporary music landscape. It's a striking example of how timeless music can be reimagined, connecting the past and present in a harmonious, exhilarating fusion.

Additionally, Purple Disco Machine has reinforced himself as a go-to producer of high-profile remixes. His "Mess It Up" rework follows similarly noteworthy remixes for Elton John and Britney Spears, Gorillaz, Calvin Harris and more.


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