Ren Zukii Collaborates with Virus Syndicate for ‘….

Ren Zukii, the production moniker of experimental bass music producer Rene Snow, hails from the scenic surfing town of Margaret River on the south coast of Western Australia. Discovering drum & bass at the age of 12, Ren quickly learned how to DJ and later studied music production at university. She has since developed her own distinctive sound and has multiple releases on Liquid Stranger’s label, WAKAAN, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the Australian bass music scene.

Returning with a new collaboration, Ren Zukii has teamed up with the UK hip-hop vocal duo Virus Syndicate for the track “Push Up Ya Lighter,” set for release on April 26th through WAKAAN. In this single, Ren Zukii explores a different style within her range, blending UKG, breaks, and dark synth chords to create a bass-heavy, vocal-centric track designed to provide a ‘break’ from the intensity of her high-energy live sets.

Reflecting on the creative process, Ren Zukii shares:

“After being given the opportunity to work with Nik & Jay, I sent them this simple but catchy UKG idea, and they sent back their vocal stems—a high-energy rap that sounded authentic and fit with the beat so well, both lyrically and musically.”

Ren recently concluded the Touch Bass 2024 tour in Australia. She has also appeared on George FM Drive with Sin & Brook in New Zealand and Triple J in Australia, both in March 2024.

Virus Syndicate commented on the collaboration, saying:

“We had so much fun working on this record with Ren. As soon as it hit the inbox, we were both really inspired to write. It’s such a unique track, giving us lots of freedom to explore lyrically. The end result is something special. A record that will stand the test of time and transcend musical boundaries. We’re super excited for this one to drop on WAKAAN and can’t wait for the fans to hear what we created together. Big shout to Ren every time! Huge talent!”

Ren Zukii, the only artist and the first female artist exclusively signed to WAKAAN, continues to push boundaries and innovate within her genre, making her a standout talent in the electronic music world.

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