Reviving the Ibiza Night: Legendary Amnesia Club Opens Its Doors With Spectacular 2024 Launch

The doors of Amnesia Ibiza have opened for yet another season on the hallowed grounds of the White Isle.

Proudly owned by true Ibiza residents, the club hosted it's official Opening Party on May 11th–and it was nothing short of spectacular. With an array of legendary artists gracing the decks and delivering unforgettable performances, we were left in awe at Amnesia.

Inside the mythical Ibiza club we had the chance to see influential artists like Green Velvet, Nina Kraviz, Honey Dijon and Joseph Capriati, among others, each of whom brought their unique energy to Ibiza, the world's quintessential clubbing destination.

Amnesia, with its rich history and iconic status, provided the perfect backdrop for such a stellar night. Read on for a breakdown of the night's atmosphere, crowd and standout moments that made it truly unforgettable.

c/o Amnesia Ibiza

Green Velvet commanded the crowd

Green Velvet, a pioneering producer of dance music, stole the show with his recent remix of Sharam's "Party All The Time" alongside Adam Beyer and Layton Giordani. The crowd erupted as the first beats dropped and the energy only soared higher when he dropped "Lift Me Up," his collaboration with HI-LO, the underground alias of the prodigious Oliver Heldens. This track, a perfect embodiment of peak-time hour techno, had everyone on their feet and dancing relentlessly.

A stunning set by Italian techno maestro Marco Faraone

Marco Faraone proved his versatility once again. Known for his enchanting sets on the Terrace, he delivered a powerful techno set that resonated deeply. His remix of Sam Paganini’s "Flash" was an undeniable standout moments, driving the crowd into a frenzy and reinforcing his status as a techno titan.

Marco Faraone performing at Amnesia Ibiza.

c/o Amnesia Ibiza

Dennis Cruz's "Solid Grooves"

Back on the Terrace, Madrid’s own Dennis Cruz delivered a stellar set characterized by his signature "Solid Grooves" style. With tracks like “El Sueño,” “La Ratonera” and “La Vela,” he took us on a house music-fueled journey infused with unbridled energy.

Nina Kraviz's captivating performance

The Main Room was set ablaze with the arrival of Nina Kraviz, the Russian techno queen. Known for her ever-evolving sound, she explored a vast array of genres, from hardcore to funk carioca and even Latin tech house.

Her set was a journey through sound, captivating the crowd with hypnotic breaks and impeccable mixing. The track "La Tarde" echoed through the room, creating a communal moment of euphoria. Kraviz's stage presence, complete with her signature cigarette and champagne glass, added a touch of mystique and allure to her performance.

Nina Kraviz performing at Amnesia Ibiza.

c/o Amnesia Ibiza

An unforgettable experience on the Terrace

Meanwhile, on the Terrace, residents Mar-T and Caal curated a unique experience alongside Cristina Lazic, Dennis Cruz, Green Velvet, Honey Dijon and Joseph Capriati. The blend of sounds and styles offered a diverse and irresistable atmosphere, perfectly capturing the essence of the party and leaving us yearning for more.

The sun peaked through for Dijon and Capriati's sets, and despite the cloudy weather, revelers didn't stop the biggest party in the island.

A dream lineup in the Main Room to bring it all home

The Main Room was a techno lover’s paradise, with an impeccable lineup featuring 999999999, Andrés Campo and Kobosil. Each artist brought their unique flavor to the mix, curating a night where breakneck tempos reigned supreme. Campo's "Los Perros" remix was one for the books as crowd went mad.

All said and done, the event was a testament to the enduring power of Ibiza to bring together the world's most talented DJs. It was a night designed for losing oneself in their sounds and immersing in the principles of the island's timeless party essence, ultimately making memories that will last a lifetime.



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