Rezz announces new record label HypnoVizion, first release this month

Hypnotic artist Rezz has just announced her own record label, the appropriately named HypnoVizion. “I can’t wait to hear all the cool new songs by artists & play them in my sets & even collaborate with them,” she says.

After years of defining her wildly unique signature sound and hosting releases on labels such as mau5trap, Deadbeats, NEST and a ton of self releases, Rezz is taking matters into her own hands with the announcement of a brand new record label. Titled HypnoVizion, it sees her become a label head for the very first time, creating a platform for artists like her to thrive and reach new audiences. Back in June, she took to Twitter to state that she was going to be starting her own label and throwing events under the label’s brand, and now we finally have more information.


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Introducing HypnoVizion to the world this month, Rezz will kick it off with a new single in which she has already posted a teaser for. Explaining what she’s looking for as the label develops, she tweeted:

“For my label Im looking for all sorts of stuff from mid tempo to slow trippy type of dubstep , anything ~psychedelic~ feeling – but also all kinds of genres are exciting. U can make ur own art or we can do it, but I won’t take away from each artists creative visions”

Fitting in perfectly with the aesthetic that Rezz has created with her music over the years, HypnoVizion will be the one-stop place to not only hear new releases from herself, but also established and up-and-coming artists that are sure to become fan favourites. With many producers already expressing great interest in this label, we can’t wait to see how it develops over time.

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