Rezz Is Finally Selling a Line of Her Signature LED Glasses

Peering through Rezz's futuristic lens will soon be reality after she announced the launch of an exclusive line of branded goggles.

Establishing a spellbinding connection with her fans, the electronic music superstar's cyberpunkian LED glasses have been her signature since the early days of her career. Rezz is now developing the goggles for mass distribution, she says, so they can finally don a pair of their own.

"What if I told you… I was launching my own custom pair of branded hypno glasses , to the masses ? In my merch This year," she wrote in a post on X. "The ones I wear on stage, but better."

The announcement serendipitously arrives in the wake of her third album, CAN YOU SEE ME?, which hit streaming platforms earlier this week. Prior to the release, Rezz added to her merchandise line a branded sex toy, which ultimately sold out in less than 30 minutes.

Responding to a fan, Rezz said her team is "almost done creating" the glasses but she hasn't announced a price or release date at the time of this writing.

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