ROSSY’s New Single Is a Trap-Fueled Ode to Untouchable Confidence

ROSSY has released a new single, "STAR," teaming up with Princess Superstar for a bass-fueled anthem that pulsates with a rebellious spirit.

Featuring drops that run roughshod with serrated synths and trunk-thumping 808s, ROSSY's latest trap banger is an adrenaline shot straight to the jugular. It's an aural onslaught, an in-your-face celebration of women empowerment fueled by the kind of white-knuckle intensity that has catapulted ROSSY as one of the genre's brightest producers.

Amidst the controlled chaos, Princess Superstar's vocal hook detonates with a braggadocious swagger, taunting rivals with the song's central lyrical grenade and daring any pretenders to even try matching their uncompromising authenticity.

"STAR" is not only ROSSY's first track of 2024, but also her debut on Thrive. The release is more of a rallying cry than a song—it's phosphorescent war paint, a clarion call for a new generation of young, hungry female producers in the electronic music scene.

"I love girl power and working with other women, and am all about people owning themselves and their self-confidence," ROSSY said in a press release. "Her line 'you just can’t do it like me' captures this affirmation perfectly."

Listen to "STAR" below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.