Sacred Society Is On a Mission to Revolutionize Ambient Music With Dolby Atmos

Imagine being cocooned within nature's embrace, surrounded by the symphony of chirping birds, cascading waterfalls and the gentle patter of raindrops. 

That's the creative sanctuary of Sacred Society Music Group, a new record label and collective with the goal of revolutionizing ambient music by virtue of Dolby Atmos technology. Comprising the visionary minds of alums from Beatport, AM Only and Side 3 Recordings, the organization doesn't offer just music, but a transformative journey of sound therapy and wellness.

By integrating wellness concepts with music, Sacred Society Music Group is developing tranquil, atmospheric beats meticulously woven to cradle your senses. The brand's diverse library of music is curated to complement various aspects of daily life and they've categorized it into three buckets: "sleep," "focus" and "enjoy."

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Sacred Society Music Group's spatial audio playlists boast hundreds of tracks to pair with hours of immersive visual content. It's all part of a holistic listening experience that places the label "in a league of its own," according to co-founder Bradley Roulier.

"We've dedicated ourselves to perfecting the ambient genre in Dolby Atmos technology," said Roulier, who is also one of Beatport's original founders. "Years of meticulous development birthed a state-of-the-art studio tailored specifically for Dolby Atmos, a testament to our passion for elevating soundscapes. Mastery of this technology necessitated exhaustive hours of learning, ideation and tireless engineering, putting Sacred Society Music Group in a league of its own."

You can find out more via Sacred Society's website.



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