SBU’s Latest Release ‘Turmoil’ Delive….

SBU drops his latest track, “Turmoil,” on, featuring an intense spoken-word sample that grips you right from the start. The track’s epic wave production transports you to a whole new dimension, making you feel like you’re floating in space. The album art perfectly matches the vibe, enhancing the experience even more.

SBU, originating from Chicago, crafts dark, melodic energy that people unquivically vibe with. His wide-ranging soundscapes and bold chords draw from melodic dubstep, future trance, wave, and various other EDM styles. Known for his powerful performances, SBU ensures his music hits you right in the feels, urging you to move and feel alive.

With well-known hits like “Let The Rain Clouds Come” and “Eclipse,” SBU fits right in within the wave scene and has contributed some sonic gems to the community. His work consistently brings a euphoric energy, leaving listeners with a sense of inner confidence. His motto, “Love to live your life,” perfectly encapsulates the feeling his music invokes.

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