Scottish nightclub relies on ravers body heat to generate venue’s power

The dance music industry continues to find ways to innovate, as has been demonstrated in how one Scottish nightclub plans to generate power by moving to thermal energy.

Scottish nightclub SWG3 has just executed plans to generate its own power in its own unique way, by using the body heat of people on the dancefloor and converting it to thermal energy. The brains behind the Glasgow venue have realised they can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by applying this unconventional method of generating power. Depending on the intensity of the music, the technology can generate between 250 and 600 watts. For example, the impact of acoustic instruments would vastly differ from the power electronic music would offer as David Townsend, the founder of the system aptly named “Body Heat”, added:

“If you’ve got a big DJ, absolutely slamming basslines and making everyone jump up and down, you could be generating 500-600W of thermal energy”

Having just started operating using this power system, the venue is seemingly on track to achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2025. This new solution was also expensive to install, however, it won’t be too long until they see a return on their investment, at least you’d hope amidst the ongoing energy crisis in the UK. Regardless of that, however, it is refreshing to see venues utilise forward-thinking ideas that are a benefit to the environment. “Body Heat” is such an innovative idea, that it has attracted the attention of the owners of SchwuZ nightclub in Berlin; perhaps this is the start of something that is even bigger than just one or two venues.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the SWG3 redevelopments below!


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Image Credit: Photo by Simon Boxus / Unsplash

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