Sebastian Ingrosso announces next Swedish House Mafia single ‘Redlight’ will feature Sting

Highly teased over the past week throughout all of Swedish House Mafia‘s social media, hype and anticipation around the track ‘Redlight’ continues to spiral out of control. Recently one of the members of the trio, being the legendary Sebastian Ingrosso took to social media platform Discord to share some exciting news with fans including who the song will feature as well as announcing it as the trios next single from their future album, which follows the showstopping track ‘Moth To A Flame’  featuring The Weeknd.

As shown in a screenshot by Team Steve Angello, posted by Festival Season, Sebastian Ingrosso took to discord once again to announce major breakthroughs surrounding the track, being the news that ‘Redlight’ will act as the next single to come from the powerhouse group stating that he ‘can’t wait for you to hear this’. Secondly in an alternative discussion Ingrosso announced the track will feature the legendary British singer Sting. Sting was the front runner of the band The Police and mastermind behind tracks such as ‘Every Breath You Take’ and ‘Englishman in New York’, and he has had a career like no other selling well over 100 million records worldwide. This joins already confirmed news that the track runs at a BPM of 125, matching that of some of Swedish House Mafia’s most beloved hits the likes of ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’ and ‘Greyhound’. This news was praised by many listeners eager for a festival-ready track, unlike recent releases that have been more slow tempo and experimental.

As of reporting no release date for the track has been announced, however, it is highly likely the track could drop any day now. Make sure to keep locked to We Rave You for all the latest on Swedish House Mafia and the track Redlight‘.


Image Credit: Press

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