Seven Lions Blends Yearning With Euphoria In New Single, “Easy Lover”

Toying with the boundary between sorrow and exhilaration, Seven Lions' new single shows us that sometimes, the two can coexist.

Out now via Casablanca Records, the bouncy four-on-the-floor track paints a picture of two individuals intertwined for a length of stunted time. Hilda's lustful vocals highlight the ease with which the two coalesce, having nothing and no one.

At the same time, the lyrics illuminate the unfortunate side of that connection—that it's just as easy for them to detach from each other. Though for the time being, the two can dance as easy lovers, as the title suggests.

"Easy Lover" will have your body warring with itself, trying to decide if it should glide through the clouds on the wings of Hilda's soaring vocals or stay grounded to Seven Lions' beat on a glittering dancefloor. Take a listen below.