Singapore nightclub reopens for first time since COVID closure

There’s light at the end of the COVID tunnel, because not only is the vaccine now travelling to various countries to begin the process of providing immune responses within the body, but nightlife is also beginning to return… Or at least in Asia. The Singapore techno club ‘Headquarters‘ has reopened, for the first time since March 2020, when the virus hit something of a peak around Asian areas, after starting out in Wuhan, China. Though many speculated at the time that COVID may have been caused by bacteria from wet markets, or even bats, further suggestions have since hinted at the virus beginning in a man-made capacity. It is, however, very important to remember (and to stress) that these are just rumours and no evidence or fact has been found to back up such claims. And though live performances of any kind are still banned in Singapore, the venue’s second floor (titled ‘Upstairs’) has transformed into a socially distanced bar which is open until 10.30pm every night.

The news comes as a further boost for Asian nightlife, after Ultra Taiwan recently amazed spectators from around the world, with Alesso making a welcome return to the decks in front of a capacity (non-socially distanced) crowd. The Swedish maestro even dropped a number of piping hot IDs in the mix, having spent much of this year in the studio following various cancelled tour dates (for obvious reasons). With the world now crossing their fingers for events like EDC Europe (Portugal) and Creamfields to go ahead next summer, the United Kingdom has already started rolling out the vaccine, after approving Pfizer‘s creation last week. Despite various nonsense from anti-vaccination groups floating around social network sites, there is zero evidence to prove the vaccination is unsafe in any way, and the more-intelligent end of the human species are looking forward to the injection of said scientific miracle, as we look to put COVID behind us heading into 2021 and beyond.

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