Skrillex gives us ‘Butterflies’ with new Starrah & Four Tet collaboration: Listen

Skrillex is one of the very few artists in the electronic music scene who can cause a frenzy of excitement with just one Tweet, and that happened the other day when he simply tweeted a blue butterfly emoji, a welcome change from the radio silence. The internet ran wild with a frenzy of theories until it was announced that the tweet was alluding to a brand new track entitled ‘Butterflies’, with Starrah and Four Tet on collaboration duties. A monster of a track to welcome the return of Skrillex (as Annie Mac affectionately called it), ‘Butterflies’ has finally landed so lets dive straight into it.

Armed with his vocal chops, a familiar and beloved staple in the producer’s productions, Starrah’s haunting and unique vocals welcome us into this new and exciting world, wrapped in a blanket of Skrillex and Four Tet’s expertly crafted and irresistible soundscape. What is so striking about this track is the clear divide between Four Tet’s signature, dream-like and atmospheric, sound and Skrillex’s updated sound that has appeared to have been sharped and refined further over the past year.

Making this his first official new music since 2019, ‘Butterflies’ marks Skrillex’s will to adapt and mould his sound, being a musical chameleon and always shaking the scene up leaving us on the edge of our seats, wondering what type of sound he will muster up next. With close collaborators Starrah and Four Tet by his side, he is unstoppable as he welcomes us into this exciting new era, getting ready to once again change the face of electronic music as we know it.

Giving us ‘Butterflies’, the track is out now to stream, and is just the start of a very exciting journey that we cannot wait to undertake alongside him.

Image credit: Coughs

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