Spinnin’ Records, Avicii & Tomorrowland among The Most Popular YouTubers of 2021

With Gen Z heavily invested in everything the World Wide Web has to offer, it comes to no surprise that the current generation are heavily influenced with everything that appears online, whilst social media platforms remain a prominent feature of our day to day lives. Looking to round up data directly related to social media and content creators, Affise – a partnership marketing platform for brands, advertisers, and agencies – have just provided the Influencers: Mapped Report, with the category of The Most Popular YouTubers of 2021 striking close to home.

Featuring a heavily stacked report, statistics were provided with the intent of discovering the most influential people and their entities via the use of popular social media platforms. With each category focusing on a certain aspect regarding the annual impact of individuals and the popularity of their online presence, the Top YouTube Stars By Country caught our eye, with three of the names on the list directly related to the electronic dance scene. In this particular category, the data collected correlated with the amount of views and subscribers each channel gained during the year, with the top ranking country also being part of the final results. Included in the list and at the same time representing the electronic dance scene, were the YouTube channels of Spinnin’ Records (Netherlands), Tim Bergling (Sweden), and Tomorrowland (Belgium).

Arguably one of the most renowned record labels in the Netherlands and not only, Spinnin’ Records have been home to some of the biggest names within the dance scene, with their popularity increasing to this very day. With 29 million subscribers and a yearly total of 18,774,291,942 is easy to see why. Showing their support to the late Avicii, fans alike have ensured that the iconic artist has one of the most popular YouTube channels that has remained active even after his sudden passing, where just shy of 20 million subscribers have contributed to the total of 8,732,196,917 views in this past year. Completing the dance scene features, is no other that the YouTube channel of Tomorrowland. The iconic festival ensures that their close to 10 million subscribers are entertained on a daily basis, whilst 1,734,414,878 total views were recorded during 2021.

Further showcasing the undeniable love shown on a daily basis within our community, such statistics can only further enhance the presence of the dance industry, with each of those YouTube channels providing fans with content that resonates to millions of people worldwide. Maintaining a consistent platform that caters for each and every one of us, this achievement could not go unnoticed from everyone here at We Rave You. Representing their countries through the ever-increasing popularity of social media, we would like to congratulate the aforementioned channels for being among the most popular YouTubers of 2021.


Image Credit: Rutger Geerling

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