Spring Awakening Music Festival Postpones 10-Year Anniversary to 2023

Spring Awakening Music Festival was hoping to celebrate their milestone 10-year anniversary this year, but as summer begins to turn the corner in Chicago, the beloved dance music event has announced that the festivities are on hold until 2023.

“We felt the festival was not at the level you’ve come to expect and deserve,” their statement read in part. “We are focusing all our energy on delivering a kick-ass lineup and new festival experiences for 2023.”

Taking place in the heart of Chicago, the Addams/Medill Park-based event has faced multiple bumps in the road in recent history. After a forced cancellation due to the initial onset of COVID-19, it returned in 2021, but was roiled by inclement weather which forced an evacuation of the grounds. Subsequently, the brand’s sister festival, Spring Awakening Excursions: Cancun, was forced to cancel over concerns related to the rise of the Omicron variant.

Despite the setbacks, Spring Awakening states that they remain committed to building a future in the Windy City. To that end, they’ve announced a series of upgrade-based incentives for ticket holders who choose to retain their passes and roll them over into the forthcoming year.

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Spring Awakening night time

Spring Awakening Music Festival Postpones 10-Year Anniversary to 2023

The Chicago-based dance music event faces another unfortunate setback.

More information on Spring Awakening Music Festival and the transfer/refund options can be found here.

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