Steve Aoki Announces First Ever Drive-In Concert

How much wiper fluid would it take to remove a splattered cake from a windshield?

Barnstorming DJ, music producer, and cake-hurler Steve Aoki has announced his first-ever drive-in concert. Drive-in shows have become the new norm during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so it's no surprise that one of the most popular artists in dance music has thrown his hat into the vehicular rave ring.

Aoki will be descending on the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Henry County, Georgia on November 13th, 2020, bringing dubstep don Riot Ten along for the metaphorical ride. While the show of course offers a one-of-a-kind concert experience, it also represents a good opportunity for target practice for Aoki, whose arm is probably rusty after so much time in quarantine. How far can he hurl a cake, and can he pull a Babe Ruth and call his shot by choosing and walloping one vehicle?


It's important to note that drive-in concerts like Aoki's come with caveats in the name of public safety. The event's promoters, collectiv and Beware Of Dog, have instated a number of safety measures recommended by governmental authorities in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including the wearing of a face-mask "ANYTIME you are outside of your car unless physically drinking, or eating." 

Check out Aoki's announcement. To purchase tickets to the show and find out more information, navigate here.



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