Steve Aoki sets record by selling NFT for over $800,000

The growing hype around the concept of NFTs, also known as Non-fungible tokens, seems to show no sign of slowing down. Put simply, it’s a sort of digital art that can be sold on as limited edition merchandise which has become extremely interesting to electronic artists who are currently jumping on the new trend. One artist buying into the trend is Steve Aoki, and he just broke a huge record with his NFT sale.

NFT has been around since 2017, however, the concept has recently has been at the forefront of discussion amongst the EDM community, with numerous artists voicing their opinions both for and against. Opinions aside, since hearing the news from Steve Aoki last week that he was auctioning his own art we have been eagerly awaiting for news of how the sale would turn out for the producer and DJ superstar. The collection, made of 11 pieces was titled DREAM CATCHER’ and was a collaboration between Aoki and world-class 3D illustrator Antoni Tudisco, being put for sale on platform Nifty Gateway. 

A particular part of the collection, a piece titled ‘Hairy’ has made the record-breaking sale of $888,888.88 announced by Nifty Gateway via Twitter, becoming the site’s most expensive and record auction sale for an NFT to date.

We congratulate Steve Aoki and Antoni Tudisco on their massive NFT success and are excited to see more of what they both have in store in the world of digital art in the future. If you would like to see ‘Hairy’ and find out more about the record-breaking NFT then make sure you check it out here.

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