Steve Edwards Is Having A Fantastic Year Thanks To His New Album Born

Singer-songwriter Steve Edwards has been having a fantastic year so far, thanks to the release of two extremely popular singles; “Born” and “Happysad,” both listed on his most recent album titled Born. From features in Billboard, iHeart and more, he’s been getting coverage from the most prestigious media out there, and just recently, his two latest singles “Born” and “Happysad” topped the iTunes and Shazam charts in Europe and Asia. 

This huge milestone comes as a well-deserved recognition for this hard-working poet who has dedicated his life to making the kind of music that finds its source in the deepest part of the soul. 

Nostalgic songs with a beautiful rock energy, Steve Edwards’ works resemble his own essence, a traveler in love with the world he inhabits, but also a tortured soul who sometimes finds it hard to overcome experiences of betrayal and failed romance. 

The modern rock soundscapes he imagines are stunning with beauty and emotion, and can be fully experienced by listening to some of his previously released singles, including the majestic “Fallen” and “Colour of Blood.”

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