"Summer of Love" Gets Green Light on First UK Trance Festival Since Lockdown

While most of the world's large-scale music fests have been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19, one small festival in the United Kingdom has received the green light to take place later in the month of August.

Capped at 300 people, Anomaly's "Summer of Love" event has been given permission from authorities to proceed with their trance music event. Attendees can expect to hear music from John Askew, The Thrillseekers, Will Rees, Ciaran McAuley, Dave Asprey, Billy Gillies, and more across two stages. 

In a statement from a press release issued to announce the festival, promoter Rich Miller explained the process of the company's approval and remarked on how they plan to keep attendees safe amidst the global health crisis.

"After six months of our events getting postponed, we are happy we have the green light to finally put on a show," Miller said. "There is a lot of effort and cost involved to set-up a social distance event like this, but we wanted to give our fellow rave community something to look forward to, to support local UK artists, the stage production crew, lighting guys, catering suppliers, freelance technicians and the local community."

"The event is an open field that can host 20,000+ people, so with some well thought rules and regulations that we can easily enforce on-site and some mutual respect between our customers, we can rave safe at a distance."

More details about the social distancing practices are outlined on the event's ticketing page. Attendees will have to provide details for contact tracing, will not be allowed in a group of more than six, and will be assigned a marked box in the crowd which only they are permitted to enter.

Anomaly's "Summer of Love 2020" takes place on August 22nd in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Tickets are on sale now. More information on the event, it's health and safety practices, and the ticketing page can be found here

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