Supermode classic single ‘Tell Me Why’ gets upcoming Meduza remix

Supermode released it’s first single, Tell Me Why, over 15 years ago, way back in 2006.  While the group’s output and lack of new music until 2022 may seem suspicious, it becomes more understanding when the uninitiated learn that the producer’s behind the music are none other than Steve Angello and Axwell, so the limited output is forgiven considering their massive fingerprints on dance music through Swedish House Mafia.

While the original mix is smooth and timeless in its own right, getting a makeover for the modern era would certainly be an exciting prospect.  The seemingly daunting task was given to Italian producers Luca de Gregorio, Mattia Vitale and Simone Giani, better know by their stage alias, Meduza.  The announcement of the remix was made this week, with a short clip of the track as well as link to pre order via Beatport being shared by Axtone Records across their social media pages.

For those new to the dance scene, or too young to recall the musical landscape of 2006, this is a great opportunity to step back in time and brush up on some of the foundations of electronic music and further research some of the legends who still reign supreme.  The early productions of Axwell and Steve Angello give insight into their development and evolution before the mainstream success that would follow.  A project like Supermode is just one of the many alias’ and incarnations that the members of Swedish House Mafia utilized in early projects and collaborations that would often see different variations of the three members working together as they grew their catalogue and honed their craft.  As for Meduza, they are a Grammy nominated production crew and it is hard to overlook the concept of allowing a trio to remix a track from Swedish House Mafia members.  The updated Tell Me Why (Meduza Remix) is set for release on September 2nd, but check out the preview now and get excited for this new take on a classic track.


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