Survey Finds 73% of Music Producers Believe Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Them

What does artificial intelligence mean for the future of music production? In a new survey, music producers weighed in on AI and whether the burgeoning field will be a friend or foe to their creative ends.

Verses from the contentious AI Drake—among other artists—are blowing up on streaming services, while big tech innovators such as Google are forging the future of text-to-music production with their new generative AI tool, MusicLM. Despite its sudden arrival, it's clear artificial intelligence is already making a significant impact in the music industry and will not become another ephemeral fad.

In light of those recent developments and more, Bedroom Producers Blog asked 1,500 producers how they feel about AI and its growing role in the creative arts. Overall, 86% of those surveyed believe the technology will replace the existing tools of music production. Perhaps even more illuminating however, is the fact that 73% of respondents believe AI could replace the role of human producers in the creative process sometime in the future. 

AI has already proven to be a productivity enhancer in the disciplines of mixing and mastering, synthesis and fully autonomous music generation. New use cases and tools are seemingly emerging every day, and 36% of respondents claim they've integrated AI into their daily tool stack in the studio. 

Read the full survey here.

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