SVDKO Infuses UK Garage With Nostalgia’s Neon Glow in New EP, “OUR MOMENT”

Through distorted lyric fragments and booming bass, SVDKO infuses UK garage with nostalgia's neon glow in his new EP, OUR MOMENT.

Like a bittersweet goodbye whispered on the dancefloor, the EP's music desperately clings to the last vestiges of what makes us most happy. Both rave-ready and full of emotional depth, its two tracks swell with the post-euphoria melancholy of festival confetti still drifting to cold concrete.

The titular track of OUR MOMENT is its undeniable highlight, its yearning lyrical refrain evoking the ticking clock of those final moments before life changes. Like an abandoned swimming pool in September, SVDKO's cavernous beats echo the eerie calm after summer's last wild night.

The same can be said of "DAYJOB," the EP's sublime second track, where SVDKO interpolates a nostalgic sample with thunderous subs you can feel in your bones. Meanwhile, the Belgian producer cleverly interpolates a tender voicemail message to double down on the arrangement's palpable ache.

OUR MOMENT was released independently. You can listen to the full EP below.

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