Texas Eclipse Festival Cancelled, Evacuated Due to Severe Weather Concerns

Hours before a total eclipse of the sun, the Texas Eclipse festival in Burnet has been cancelled due to severe weather, the event's organizers announced Monday.

The rare celestial event was billed as the pièce de résistance of the five-day festival, which also featured space exhibits, high-profile guest speakers and performances by a slew of major electronic music artists. However, ticket-holders are now evacuating the festival's grounds, according to EDM.com's Carlie Belbin, who is in attendance.

"It has been very hectic. No one really knows what to do or where to go," Belbin told us via text message. "The emotions are at an all-time high as it feels like a Band-Aid was ripped off. Today was *the* day that everyone was waiting for. People came from all over the world for this. Obviously no one can control the weather, but it's just a shame to be departing today instead of Tuesday evening or Wednesday."

The National Weather Service forecast calls for hazardous weather conditions at the time of this writing. Severe thunderstorms are likely to develop in the afternoon, leading to threats of "very large hail, damaging winds, heavy rainfall and a few tornadoes." Increasing cloud cover may also limit the viewing of the solar eclipse.

Texas Eclipse's organizers on Monday morning issued a statement to formally announce the event's cancellation and urge pass-holders to pack their bags. At least 30,000 people were in Burnet for the fest, according to local NBC affiliate station KXAN.

"We regret to inform you of the severe weather forecast, including risks of high winds, tornadic activity, large hail, and thunderstorms for later today, including during the eclipse, Tuesday, and Wednesday," reads the statement, which was also emailed to attendees. "Your safety is our top priority. With the support and coordination of Burnet County officials, local safety agencies, and The National Weather Service, we’ve agreed to end the festival today in a calm orderly manner."

"Leave early for safety and to beat traffic," the announcement continues. "Guests may stay for the eclipse provided they pack and are prepared to depart after totality. This guidance may change based on weather."

Texas Eclipse ticket-holders will receive an email with a partial refund policy "soon," according to organizers.

The total eclipse begins in Burnet at 1:34pm and it will persist for four minutes and 20.4 seconds.

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