“The Biggest Project of My Life”: Eprom Reveals New Concept Album, “Syntheism”

The first single from Eprom's "corporate-sponsored" album is set to drop in early March 2023.

A look into the future, powered by Eprom's upcoming album.

Coming later this year is Syntheism, the newest album from one of electronic music's most imaginative and gifted producers. If you've been paying attention to Eprom's socials for the past week or so, you've likely seen a number of "advertisements" for fictitious corporations, among them Aleph Null, Uttumat, Xélix, Ru’unet, Euphrates and Zeriscape.

Unlike today's two-faced mega-corporations and their trite anthropomorphized animal mascots, the ones presented by Eprom actually propose helpful ideas that would change our lives for the better—and with stylish branding to boot.

Eprom, who has called Syntheism "the biggest project of [his] life," recently uploaded a trailer to YouTube, offering us our first glimpse into the next chapter of the masterful producer's sound. With typography from Jackson Green and animation from FISE and Eprom, the video welcomes us to the cybernetic soundscapes of Syntheism


Although the trailer features only short snippets of the album's music, fans of Eprom will not have to wait long for their first taste. The first single of Syntheism, "What’s Her Name," is scheduled to drop on Friday, March 3rd.

At the time of writing, Eprom has not announced an official release date for Syntheism, but fans are safe to expect its arrival sometime in 2023.

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