The Chainsmokers raise $35 million with launch of venture capital firm, Mantis

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have continued to make a monumental impact across various industries around the world. Also referred to as The Chainsmokers when hitting the main stage, this power-duo has become recognized for crafting some of the finest singles which incorporate a pop and electronic feel. From humbly donating 20,000 masks to hospitals in both New York and Las Vegas to even having their hit single “Closer” becoming the second biggest song across the world, The Chainsmokers are definitely here to make their mark globally. Making their mark yet again, Taggart and Pall have secured $35 million in prior investments with the launch of their new venture capital firm known as Mantis.

While this power-duo has attracted big-time investors such as Mark Cuban, Keith Rabois, Jim Coulter, and Ron Conway, Mantis has already invested in a startup based in San Francisco called LoanSnap as well as fitness app Fiton. With the aim of funding a variety of startups that cater to younger audiences, Taggart and Pall are taking the business to the next level along with partners Milan Koch and Jeffrey Evans. By displaying true motivation and dedication towards their passion for entrepreneurship, the influential team alongside The Chainsmokers global recognition portrays Mantis as a great opportunity for those interested. Stay tuned for more updates on The Chainsmokers as they continue to shine brightly with their accomplishments around the world.

Check out a few of the executives below and an exclusive interview with Taggart and Pall on Tech Crunch here.

Photo Credits: Danilo Lewis

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