The Chainsmokers remove ‘Kanye’ from streaming sites following antisemitic comments

The duo announced their decision to remove one of their first songs via Instagram stories.

The popular duo, which recently ended their 3-year pause from social media and releases by releasing their fourth album called “So Far So Good”, the removed song “Kanye” from streaming platforms following Kanye West´s recent controversy. “Kanye” was one of their first songs ever released. The lyrics of the songs appraised Kanye (West) saying “I wanna be like Kanye, I´ll be the king of me always”. At that time, Kanye was an influential artist, but also a slightly controversial one. But in the Hip-Hop community, he was still a person to look up to. After recent controversies that led up to multiple companies pulling out of cooperation with Kanye, the duo decided to act as well, removing one of their first singles from streaming services.



via Instagram stories of The Chainsmokers


The duo stated on their Instagram stories that Kanye inspired them with his music and vision. The duo also mentioned his recent sample of their track “New York City” in his collaboration with Alicia Keys “City of Gods”. The message ended with the reason for removing the song, saying it no longer represents the views they once shared. The duo also called Kanye to think about his actions before it is too late.

The Chainsmokers are soon to be touring in Europe for their So Far So Good Tour. Even tho the song “Kanye” is one of the Chainsmokers´ classics, the reasons to remove the song are understandable.

Image Credit: Miller Mobley / Provided by Vanessa Menkes Communications

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