The Chainsmokers tease their return through social media ‘update’

The duo that took the electronic and pop scene by storm, The Chainsmokers, have made a subtle return to social media. At the beginning of 2020, they announced:

“Hey everybody. We are going to be taking some time to create our next chapter in music. We have never been more inspired and are already hard at work on TCS4 but we are going to be taking a break from social media (minus a few obligations) to give it the attention it needs.”

It now appears that the artists behind ‘Closer‘ are set to return with new music. In today’s music industry, it is usually taken as a hint to something new when artists update their social media profile pictures or delete their feeds. After having blacked out accounts for over a year, The Chainsmokers’ official social media accounts, as well as Drew and Alex’s, have changed their profile pictures to a simple purple hue with a link to sign up for updates.

The first updates of TCS4 seem to be around the corner, and you don’t want to miss it. The Chainsmokers have not released music since their hit-packed album ‘World War Joy’, and we can’t wait to see where their sound is headed in this upcoming era. Sign up through their website to be the first to know what the duo is up to!



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