The Church of Music Is a Whimsical Dance Music Series Breaking Barriers In Southern California

When COVID first hit and dancefloors closed, Alina Gordon carefully observed new guidelines and restrictions on gathering. And she realized that for so many, music is religion.

So the entrepreneur, musician, community builder and self-appointed "Ministress of Music" took it upon herself to create the Church of Music (COM). 

Religion, faith and practice are all cornerstones of any church. Since 2020, over 100 weekly COM "sermons" have united San Diego's underground house music scene by hosting live dance music events at secret locations, which are disclosed every Sunday morning. Every sermon—which runs from 1 to 8pm—features a variety of house music and its many sub-genres, ranging from tech and deep to progressive and afro house.

More often than not, COM events take place along the idyllic San Diego coastline, offering magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean.

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church of music

The Church of Music Is a Whimsical Dance Music Series Breaking Barriers In Southern California

"Music is religion, love is our faith and dancing is our practice."

At any given COM event, crowds dance under the California sun as it sets over the ocean. At some locations, tandem hang gliders fly high above as they catch winds and decorate the coastline, creating an illusion wherein they seem to soar along to the basslines of the dancefloor hundreds of feet below.

The Church is also dedicated to giving back to the underprivileged, community outreach, refugee relief and supporting diversity in music. Since May, the organixation has donated roughly $16,000 to nonprofits, hosted over 100 female and minority musicians and ran over 368 hours on solar powered batteries.

The Church invites "parishioners" to sign up and pay for either monthly or annual memberships to find out early about the secret outdoor locations. You can sign up on their website to join or travel along with their upcoming community impact events appearing at Burning Man, Valle De Guadalupe and Tulum, Mexico.



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