The Funk Hunters and The Sponges’ New Collaboration is an Anthem for Communal Bliss: Listen to “I Like 2 Party”

Teaming up with electro-funk duo The Funk HuntersThe Sponges have released their third and most-anticipated track of the year, "I Like 2 Party."

You know that feeling of being in the right place at the right time? This track embodies that sense of communal bliss.  Combining elements of The Sponges signature take on disco with The Funk Hunters' old-school funk, "I Like 2 Party" can be best categorized as psychedelic disco funk.

Out now via Westwood Recordings, this sensational collaborative effort rings true to its name by virtue of a surefire party starter. After kicking off with a persistent kick drum and complimentary synths, before long "I Like 2 Party" leads us on playful and anthemic journey.

While this tandem of tastemakers have crossed paths time and time again, "I Like 2 Party" marks their debut release together. Take a listen below.