The most booked DJs during festival season revealed

VIBERATE has released statistics for the 2022 festival season detailing which artists are the busiest, and what genres of music are most common across the stages.  The results may or may not surprise you, but dance music and electronic artists rank high amidst the results.

The report is incredibly comprehensive, comprised of over 500 festivals and 9,000 music acts, the data is broken down into genres, most booked artists and promising acts.  Starting with the busiest electronic artists of the year, Timmy Trumpet, Alan Walker and Martin Garrix are set to top the list, with Steve Aoki, DJ Snake, John Summit, and Joel Corry staying plenty busy as well throughout the year.  A few of those names will come as no surprise, while John Summit is just beginning his takeover of dance music and is making sure to get face time with as many crowds as he can this year!  What is pretty astonishing, is the major difference in bookings of electronic acts compared to other genre’s, such as rock or hip hop.  Electronic artists make up a staggering 38.8% of festival bookings this year.  If that seems like a lot, it is, especially since rock is just 15.9%, pop makes up 12.7% and hip-hop is just below that with 12.6% of bookings.

The report further breaks down what genres of music specifically that festival goers can expect when they show up.  The most popular genres are dance, indie pop and house, with contemporary hip-hop, mainstream pop, indie rock, alternative rock, techno, hardstyle and alternative hip-hop rounding out the top 10.  Whether these statistics affect your desire to attend a festival or not is absolutely a personal preference, but the study is interesting to see the overall breakdown and get some insight into how the industry is operating and what sounds can be expected.  Whether you are a seasoned festival veteran, or just looking to get your feet wet, enjoy these stats be sure to check out the We Rave You guide to Music Festivals That You Must Go to Once in a Lifetime.

Image Credit: Tomorrowland

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