“The Most Important Moment of My Life Thus Far”: Dubloadz Opens Up About Long-Awaited Comeback Set

With three simple words, Dubloadz recently lit the fuse of a comeback many thought would never come: "Death isn't permanent."

Long-championed as one of the most technically gifted artists in the electronic music scene, the beloved producer, whose real name is Dave Nardolilli, took an indefinite hiatus from the industry in 2020 to focus on his mental health. He'd been navigating the throes of an identity crisis as Dubloadz and a cancer diagnosis for his mother, who is now in remission.

"I never thought I'd reach a point where I truly believed my dream was dead, but I have," Nardolilli said at the time. "Even before 2020, in the depths of the last year which was the worst of my life, I've been trying to soul search and find happiness in everything I've built. The truth is, I haven't been happy or felt alive since the beginning of 2019. 7 years of trying to make Dubloadz work has put me through hell I didn't know was possible."

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After more than three years away, an eager Nardolilli is now poised to reintroduce Dubloadz. His long-awaited return to the stage will go down at this weekend's Summoning of the Eclipse, a festival in Tennessee's subterranean Caverns venue, where he's playing a set containing all original music "no one has heard" and performing live vocals for the first time in his career.

It all amounts to "the most important moment of [his] life thus far," Nardolilli said in a poignant social media post.

"I've spent pretty much every day of the last two years working on music and art, more closed off from the world than I'd like to admit, but it was something I knew I had to do for myself," he wrote. "I had to get away from everything for awhile to figure myself out. I had to keep creating to stay sane. I've heard most of these songs thousands of times and the idea that in less than a week I finally get to unleash them on the world is cathartic, to say the least."

Summoning of the Eclipse is scheduled for October 13-15, 2023. Joining Dubloadz are VOYD, Hedex, Apashe, HOL!, Kai Wachi and a b2b set from Bro Safari and Kill The Noise, among others. Fans attending the festival will also see the debut of Masterhand, a new collaborative trio comprising bass music superstars SVDDEN Death, Eptic and Space Laces.

You can find out more and purchase tickets here.

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