“The Real Bros of Simi Valley” Movie Premiering in Summer 2024

After a four-year hiatus, The Real Bros of Simi Valley are back. And this time around, they're getting a feature-length film.

The Real Bros of Simi Valley: High School Reunion is underway at Roku, Deadline reported. The original film will follow the bros as their 10-year high school reunion approaches and attempt "to become the dopest versions of themselves" to show off in front of their former classmates.

Produced by Studio71, the movie will reunite the cast of Jimmy Tatro, Cody Ko, Nick Colletti and Tanner Petulla, the lattermost of whom produces electronic music as Getter. Many members of the popular web series' supporting cast will also return, including Christian Pierce, Colleen Donovan, Monette Moio, Madeline Whitby and Monica Sherer.

The first season of The Real Bros of Simi Valley debuted on YouTube in 2017 before moving to Facebook Watch for its final two seasons. The show garnered a cult following not only due to its hysterical parodies, but also its many viral moments, like Petulla's quote, "Yo Xan get your boy dawg."


The producers of The Real Bros of Simi Valley: High School Reunion have not yet announced a formal release date, but Studio71 has said it will premiere in the summer of 2024.

"With millions of loyal fans, Real Bros has cracked the code on how to connect with viewers through its innovative storytelling and groundbreaking social media campaign, "said Studio71's Michael Schreiber. "First as a series and now as a film, with Roku’s support, Jimmy and Christian are raising the bar yet again. We can’t wait to re-engage with our diehard audience."

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