The Two Fake Blondes Drop Sensational Single, ‘Body’

Kicking off 2020, The Two Fake Blondes made their debut with ‘If You Really Love Me’, and it was a giant success. Now, the husband and wife duo are back on Gameroom Records with their second single, ‘Body'.

Hannah’s sensational vocals kick off the track, setting a beautiful tone to the song. Piano’s and synths swell together for an intoxicating drop that can’t help but make you want to dance.

Here’s what they had to say about ‘Body’:

“The lyrics for Body came straight out of my early 20’s. It’s that super shit feeling of sitting at home alone, post break up, you’re reminded of your ex and even though you know you’re not good for each other anymore…you’re just desperately missing that person in that moment. You start thinking, ‘would I rather feel lonely tonight or lonely tomorrow?’ It’s a classic feeling that almost every person can relate to.”Hannah

“Everything about working on this track seemed seamless. From Hannah’s lyrics and melody to the production of the song. I really love how it all starts, with the effects on Hannah’s voice and the piano. It really sets the tone perfectly for the song. I’m so happy with how everything turned out and I’m excited to give this to our fans and the rest of the world!”Petey

Check out Body, below!!

The Two Fake Blondes – Body

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