This Digital Bath Bomb Has a “Rave Mode” Feature

Lush, a UK-based skincare and cosmetics brand, is known for their indulgent and relaxing bath bombs. In fact, they claim to have invented the bath bomb back in 1989. 

Now, the company is propelling the product into the future with the innovative Bath Bot, a "digital bath bomb" which they say is the first of its kind.

The floating audio device, which took five years to engineer and manufacture, pairs with an app and comes with fully customizable sound, colors and lights. Its distinctive, domed convex speaker plays 180° sound and produces fizzing bubbles while the unit emits "multidirectional lights that fill your bath and bathroom with a radiant lightshow."

The Bath Bot comes with a number of settings, including "Rave Mode," which the Lush website describes as "an electric lemon-lime explosion of colour and pulsing beats for the ultimate pre-game pick-me-up." Users can also activate "Fun Mode" and "Sleepy Mode."

The Lush Bath Bot.


Owners of the Bath Bot, which charges wirelessly using a custom dock, can adjust their experience according to their mood and peruse playlists and podcasts via the Lush app.

"At Lush, we believe in making immersive, handmade products and that same ethos is carried into our first tech product, Bath Bot," said Jack Constantine, Chief Digital Officer at Lush. "With Bath Bot and the Lush app, our goal is to use tech for good—for unique and sensory-transformational experiences. Unlike other artificial bots that manipulate or frustrate you, Lush Bath Bot is likable and honest."

You can now pre-order the Bath Bot and download the Lush app here.

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