This Technology Lets Plants Play Live Music With Bionic Arms

When green thumbs meet robotic arms, you know the future is now.

The seemingly far-fetched concept of plants performing live music is now a reality brought to life by the Manchester-based musical duo Bionic and the Wires, who have unveiled a novel invention that allows plants to do exactly that. The groundbreaking development is being showcased during a performance at Castlefield Viaduct on April 20th, marking a budding frontier in musical exploration.

The inventive apparatus equips plants with bionic robotic arms, enabling them to produce music from a traditional steel handpan drum and even a violin. At the core of their performance, the duo uses sensors attached to the plant's leaves to detect bio-signals generated during photosynthesis. The signals are then converted into electrical inputs that power the robotic limbs, enabling the plant to interact with musical instruments. 

The sight of a plant not only producing music but also doing so through sophisticated technology is certain to be memorable. So next time you pass by a garden, listen closely—it might be nature's next big hit.

“We've spent many months researching and developing the new bionic robot arms," Jon of Bionic and the Wires said in a statement shared with "It’s exciting to think that with this invention we may have opened up the opportunity for a whole new genre of music. Maybe it’s called bionica!?"

You can find out more about the band's upcoming performances here.

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