Tiësto releases his remix on a viral latin hit ‘Si Es Trucho Es Trucho’: Listen

In a film-like journey to stardom, a Latin star Axel Rulay rose to fame almost over night thanks to social media’s appraisal of his track ‘Si Es Trucho Es Trucho’, which now got its own club-ready remix thanks to Tiësto.

One could only dream about succeeding over night and getting approval from some of the biggest musicians in the world, but that’s what ‘Si Es Trucho Es Trucho’ by Axel Rulay and his friends Farruko and El Alfa experienced, which leads us to today, where Tiësto released his remix of the track.

In summer of 2021, Axel got inspired by phrases repeated by his friends in their group chat, which incentivized him to take it to music production and make a song out of it. In the middle of a lockdown, he decided to get his friends to go to a resort in Punta Cana in Dominican Republic, and invite his Instagram followers to show up. Little did he know, many of his 5000 followers back then showed up, and his song being already finished, it was shared to the group chat of people in the resort, and as he joined his fans, the song was already playing and everyone was dancing to it. Soon enough the track picked up traction, and was shared by many celebrities, including Cardi B and Bad Bunny. A year later the song sits at more than 7 million plays on Spotify alone, and got Tiësto to make his own club twist to already beloved track.

As we approach the end of summer season, clubs seek to mark the season with a spectacular finish, and there’s no better way than with new club-ready releases. This remix is another in line of Tiësto’s endeavors to take hits to the club scene, coming two weeks after his mix of ‘Hot In It’ by Charli XCX. With the extra beat, drums and snares, the latin hit is elevated to be played everywhere. The journey to fame for Axel has already begun, and we’re all here for it.


Tiësto Remix of ‘Si Es Trucho Es Trucho’ by Axel Rulay is out now by Musical Freedom Label on all platforms and you can check it out here down below:

Image Credit: Ramona Rosales / Provided by Warner Music Group

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