Timmy Trumpet surprises Mets fans with live rendition of ‘Narco’: Watch

Timmy Trumpet left New York Mets fans in awe last night with a live rendition of ‘Narco’ as Edwin Diaz took the mound.

If you’re a Mets fan, the Timmy Trumpet track ‘Narco’ is all too familiar.  The snazzy trumpet motif blares through the speakers as Diaz, a closing pitcher, enters the stadium from the bullpen.  As soon as the strike of the first note plays, fans rise to their feet and begin “playing” along.  Just last night, Citi Field dwellers were in for a treat as Timmy Trumpet got to play the live rendition as Diaz came in to play to secure their one-run lead.  Trumpet was accompanied by Mets mascots Mr. and Mrs. Met while he was wearing a Mets shirt in support of the home team.  The Mets went on to win the game 2-1 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Earlier this week, Timmy Trumpet played his version of the baseball classic ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’ but since Diaz didn’t come in to pitch, the live version of ‘Narco’ was held off until the following day.  “I tried to look up a little bit when I was running to see how the reaction was from the fans, so I looked up and it was pretty fun,” Diaz said after the game. “I could feel the vibe from the fans. They were really excited”. 

According to Diaz, Trumpet stated that he would be back to play for the World Series.

Watch the full walk-out moment below:

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Music Group

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