Umbrella Weekend Lands Successful Return to SoCal With Unforgettable Festival Experience

Following a two-year hiatus, Umbrella Weekend has officially made its return, positioning itself as one of the most exciting dance music festivals out of San Diego.

Organized by the Afternoon Umbrella Friends, a group who shares the same values and love for festivals and the electronic music community, Umbrella Weekend was held March 24-28 in a stunning valley near Yucaipa, California. The event featured three days of immaculate music curation and activities.

It is widely known that Umbrella Weekend doesn’t only stand for great music. Throughout the event's duration, attendees were able to participate in a bevy of wellness experiences and educational activities, as well as enjoy multiple interactive art installations that were sprinkled throughout the festival grounds.

Umbrella Weekend’s thoughtfully curated "Umbrellavation" programming, which was first introduced during a "Day of Wellness" event organized in January 2020, nurtured the festival's community by way of yoga, breathwork and sound healing workshops.

Additionally, Camp Found It! featured live jam bands while Terry Jasinto and Scarlett Santamaria hosted a music industry panel with speakers Drew Dapps, Casmalia, Dani Dauntless of Clam Jam, Mr. Wright of Deep Tech, Dubeats and Memo Rex covering a wide range of relevant topics.

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Umbrella Weekend 2022 2

Umbrella Weekend Lands Successful Return to SoCal With Unforgettable Festival Experience

Taking place March 24-28, Umbrella Weekend saw San Diego’s music and art community unite.

Umbrella Weekend 2022. 

Umbrella Weekend 2022. 

It was no wonder that Umbrella Weekend was such as monumental success. The festival was curated in collaboration with some of San Diego’s most acclaimed collectives: Music Is 4 Lovers, Staybad, Inquiry, The Deep End, Enter The Tech, Connect SD, Clam Jam, PG Squirt House, Boogie Mob and The Dangle Zone, who all got together with the goal of showcasing the region’s most unrecognized buzzing talent and artistry.

This strong sentiment resulted in a lineup that surpassed all expectations, with the likes of Desert Hearts star Lubelski, Vatos Locos resident Chklte, Sammy Legs & TCHiLT, Drew Dapps, Casmalia, Memo Rex, Britton, Dink!, Jimbo James, Laura Peck, and rising talents Adam Rose and Kieran Ishimaru of Yoon Fest taking the decks at the festival’s two stages.

Umbrella Weekend 2022. 

Umbrella Weekend 2022. 

Performances from Afternoon Umbrella Friends’ residents TrippyPants, Barrera, Kale, Castillo and more were also included, and the brand’s leader, Sprout, enchanted attendees with a mesmerizing, two-hour house music set.

“Hand selected with love, Umbrella Weekend shines light on the DJs who deserve it most," said Dapps. "Picking up some of the most prolific budding talent, I was beyond hyped to see AUF decided to showcase at our new home."



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