Unconventional Wisdom From the Heart of Electric Forest 2023: A Yearbook

It's not an exaggeration to say there's no community like the one embedded in the mythos of Electric Forest.

One of the festival's core tenets is freedom of expression, and anyone who steps foot into the spellbinding Sherwood Forest will find it in droves. Somehow, even amidst the enthralling sights and sounds of the sprawling woodlands, its experiential aspects aren't its highlights.

That would be the charismatic Carl-seekers who annually make the pilgrimage to the Rothbury-based fest, whose whimsy and waggish charm pull you in like a magnet to a fridge. Bound by deeply restorative shared experiences and an unbridled love of raving, they encapsulate the enduring spirit of a club you simply can't find anywhere but the Forest.

We were on the ground at the 2023 edition of Electric Forest, where our very own Caro Chang found herself in the belly of the technicolor beast. Surveying dozens of attendees ranging from first-timers to Forest veterans, she unearthed some unconventional wisdom and crystallized it in a digital EDM.com yearbook.

Bruce from Indiana: 1st year in the Forest

“Get out there and do something.”

Cam from Chicago: 1st year in the Forest

“Never stop never stopping.”

DiscoLem from Los Angeles: 1st year in the Forest

“Be a fairy but make it hoe.”

Joey from Holland: 1st year in the Forest

“Free beer.”

Johana from Los Angeles: 1st year in the Forest

“Fuck you, pay me.”

Joyce from Seattle: 1st year in the Forest

“Stay cool so you can stay hot.”

Lila from Los Angeles: 1st year in the Forest

“Be kind to others and the universe will reciprocate in your favor.”

Nelle from Holland: 1st year in the Forest

“Live your best life everyday.”

Nikita from Chicago: 1st year in the Forest

“Hug your friends.”

Pete from Indianapolis: 1st year in the Forest

“Take it easy.”

Reggie from Denver: 1st year in the Forest

“Killa killa Zeds Dead.”

Simone from Grass Valley: 1st year in the Forest

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. Now build the foundations under them.”

Trey from Chicago: 1st year in the Forest

“Always do your diligence.”

Violet from Grass Valley: 1st year in the Forest

“First of all…”

Alec "LYNY" from Chicago: 2nd year in the Forest

“Do something different.”

Alex from Houston: 2nd year in the Forest

“Trust the Forest to provide and go with the flow.”

Callan from Northwest Indiana: 2nd year in the Forest

“Don’t get lost in the sauce.”

Eric from Detroit: 2nd year in the Forest

“Stay in school, kids.”

Frankie from Philadelphia: 2nd year in the Forest

“You’re right where you’re supposed to be.”

Josh from Chicago: 2nd year in the Forest

“It’s wackadoodle time.”

Lux from Los Angeles: 2nd year in the Forest

“Why be a sophisticated lady when you can be a fairy.”

Rebecca from Kalamazoo: 2nd year in the Forest

“You should always know that you can talk to anyone here.”

Colby from Indianapolis: 3rd year in the Forest

“Another day another dollar.”

Kelly from Chicago: 3rd year in the Forest

“Where the wild things are.”

Addie from Tennessee: 4th year in the Forest

“What in the name of corn on the cob is going on here?"

Chris from Manhattan: 4th year in the Forest

“Let the music hit you wave after wave.”

Flo from Earth: 4th year in the Forest

“Gone to the forest to find the Flo, on the way it's time let’s go, to be with the forest family we coming home, living with true soul.”

Gracie from Chicago: 4th year in the Forest

“Love yourself, love others, stay healthy.”

Jingles: 4th year in the Forest

“Take care of each other, be nice to people.”

Sergei from Chicago: 4th year in the Forest

“Be kind to your neighbor.”

Octavion from Chicago: 6th year in the Forest

“I miss her. I am her.”

Anson from Detroit: 15th year in the Forest

“The Forest always provides.”

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