Universal Music Group expands on deal with Twitch and Amazon Music to provide more content

Universal Music Group are no strangers to inking big deals with some of the world’s most popular and innovative companies. They continue to be on the forward-thinking end of the music industry, and as of two days ago, that trend held true as they announced their expansion on their deal with Twitch and Amazon Music.

The new agreement within the partnership will further the engagement and experiences that customers can have with artists and vice versa. First, Amazon will now offer even more content for listeners to consume. This content includes live streams, more music in Ultra HD, HD, and spatial audio, artist merchandise and exclusive experiences.

“UMG has been a strategic collaborator for us, as we continue to evolve our service and bring our customers even more ways to engage with their favorite artists, and discover new music.” – Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music, Press Release

The Twitch agreement will now allow the Universal Music Group to create artist-specific channels that will feature unique experiences and more music-based content throughout the platform.

“Twitch embodies a creator-first culture, including empowering musicians. Now, more than ever, we’re excited to work with UMG in an effort to further broaden the scope of tools available for their artists to engage with fans, while also providing new avenues for their artists to earn meaningful income while streaming on Twitch.” – Tracy Chan, Head of Music at Twitch, Press Release

The gap in which artists can interact with consumers continues to grow smaller each day. As we move into the move future, it is best to expect even more deals such as this one.

Image Credit: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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