Vallyre Made Sure You Will Have A Hard Time Getting “Bloodsweat” Out Of Your Head

Talented Boston-based artist, Vallyre makes you feel an intriguing resonance from the mixture of darkness and sweetness in her new release "Bloodsweat." The song would be dark chocolate if it was food. It gives all kinds of emotions. There is an empowering message behind the song that is beautifully spread through Vallyre's strong, soul-stirringly husky vocals. The song is in the pop genre but goes beyond the genre boundaries so much that it is hard to say "Bloodsweat" is just pop. It has all sorts of spices that make the release sound boundless and borderless.

The song comes with a short music video produced by Vallyre alone. It perfectly resembles the nature of "Bloodsweat," keeping the vibe of sweet darkness alive. The artist shows her full artistic nature through acting in the visuals and spreading her energy from the screen as well as from her voice. 

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