Vinyl of Eric Prydz album ‘Opus’ sells for $2,000 on Discogs

In June of this year, a limited edition vinyl of the popular Eric Prydz album ‘Opus‘ had sold for a massive $2,000 on Discogs.

Released in 2015, ‘Opus’ by Eric Prydz still remains to be one of his most beloved albums out of his discography to date, and this fact is proven by a sale of the album on vinyl via online music database & buying/selling marketplace Discogs.

Publishing a blog post not long ago, they released their figures of what were the top 30 most expensive sales on the site back in June, and ‘Opus‘ makes the list at No.24. The vinyl was a limited edition 4xLP pressing and what makes it so valuable is that this pressing was limited to just 500 copies worldwide, also available only to those who had pre-saved the album ahead of its release. For Eric Prydz fans, and those who love the ‘Opus’ album too, this is the ultimate collectors edition and goes to show that some people would pay immense prices to get their hands on their own copy of it.

The crazy thing is that this is on the lower end of what people have paid for vinyl in the month of June, and as we get further down the list the prices get even higher. in fact, the highest selling listing of that month also came from an electronic artist, with the duo Röyksopp selling a copy of their ‘Melody A.M.‘ album on vinyl for $5,853.66.

If you’re not the lucky one who scored this vinyl, then you can still stream it below via Spotify. What’s the most expensive record in your collection?

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