Watch Electronic Music Legend Jean-Michel Jarre Take Flight in Revolutionary Flying Car

Electronic music legend Jean-Michel Jarre became the first-ever passenger to ride in KleinVision's groundbreaking flying car in a move the company called "a new era of transportation with a touch of magic."

That's according to Stefan Klein, an inventor, pilot and the Founder and CEO of KleinVision. The company's AirCar, which transforms from a sports car into a plane in minutes, was certified to fly in 2022 and its proprietors reportedly hope to bring it to market within a year.

"We are bridging the gap between the road and the sky, giving cars the freedom they symbolized 50 years ago," Anton Zajac, co-founder of KleinVision and ESET, said in a press release.

Jarre has been backing cutting-edge technologies since the 1970s, from experimenting with trailblazing hardware in the studio, to paving a path forward for concert audiovisual tech and ultimately changing the way live shows are experienced. Moreover, his early perspectives on society's embrace of AI demonstrated his prescient tendencies back in 2018.

Now, Jarre is taking another leap into the future after his historic ride in the revolutionary flying car. 

"One second you speak to the driver, and next, you are up there in the air—an amazing experience!" he said after completing two flights in the AirCar at Slovakia's Piešťany Airport.

Watch footage of Jarre's flight below.


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