Watch This Interactive Art Installation Turn Into a Live Looping Techno Production

Enter the awe-inspiring world of Technoframes, where the realms of art and electronic music converge to create a multi-sensory experience.

In an innovative fusion of art and technology, musician Max Björverud has harnessed the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi to craft a unique and groundbreaking music production experience.

At the core of Björverud's project lies capacitive sensing, which enables the installation's depicted hands to detect human interaction. Made possible through the application of copper tape hidden behind them, the dynamic setup activates new sounds every time the piece is touched.

The underpinning of this captivating musical exhibition is driven by the petite Raspberry Pi computing system. With every interaction, a distinct techno track is activated, creating a composition that harmonizes seamlessly with the installation’s visuals. As for the backing of the sounds themselves, the open source PureData program is the engine that makes the project's loop-able sounds all come together. 

Check out the demo of Technoframes below and learn more about the technical elements of this intricate design via Björverud's commentary on Reddit.


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